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Painting In Vivid Color: Holiday Edition

Lets Dance With Color!


Expand your sense of color by creating a vivid acrylic painting that will ‘pop’ with colors.
This fun painting workshop is designed to enhance your thinking in terms of color as participants explore the usage of color in telling a story.
Carole will lead you step-by-step through this process.
“Color that expresses emotion washes off our souls the dust of every day life.” -Carole Boller

$95.00 | Includes canvas, paint, brushes, and professional instruction.

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Carole Boller

About Carole Boller

Something about the paintings of Carole Boller gives pause, then brings pleasure. Perhaps it is the energy of the colors, or the feeling of curiosity one gets. She won’t even think about putting a canvas on the easel unless there is something about the scene that grabs her heart and tells a story through light and color. “If I don’t receive a non-verbal message, I don’t paint,” she says candidly.

“Color is my day long obsession and joy. It washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
Carole Boller

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