Suzette Rosenthal

Posted on May 20, 2009 by Sawdust Art Festival

Suzette Rosenthal has been a Sawdust Exhibitor since 2005 and a mixed media artist forever. She runs the gamut from Still Life, to Figurative, to Abstract, to Functional.

In her artwork, she is intrigued by spatial relationships, texture and chance. She works emotionally and visually to divide space and make it interesting. She then uses a variety of: mediums, papers, fabrics, images, and found objects to add color and create interest. She enjoys taking a fragment or object, with all the history and associations that come with it, and giving it a new life as part of her art. Everyday items become transformed and imbued with new meaning and purpose, often a meaning she’s not consciously aware of. (She uses the term ‘upcycle’ to describe the found objects’ transformation.) She likes the viewer to be drawn into the piece, discovering the many different layers used to create the overall composition, and deriving their own personal meaning.

In her booth you’ll find original artworks, prints, and notecards. This year she is also showcasing a line of accessory scarves, crocheted corsages, and neck wraps. These items are an expression of her love of fiber and a nod to her many years as a knitwear designer under her own “Suzette Sweaters” label.

Suzette and her booth mate, Cherril Doty, teach mixed media workshops in the ‘Autumn Art’ and ‘Spring Into Art’ programs at the Sawdust. You will also catch them demonstrating collage in their booth and teaching it at the Artist Studio on the Sawdust grounds.