The Road to the Sawdust Art Festival (Presentation Day)

Posted on January 12, 2015 by Sawdust Art Festival

The road to the Sawdust Art Festival is quite extensive. There are countless hours put in by the Board of Directors, artists and staff to get ready for the annual summer and winter shows.

Saturday (Jan. 10) was Presentation Day, the first stage of our journey to the 49th annual Sawdust Art Festival. Unlike most art festivals, the Sawdust is not a juried show; we do not pick the artists that are exhibited. Our show is selected based on a lottery system in which anyone who meets the requirements may be eligible for a booth.

We do, however, require that all work sold is handmade by the artists themselves. In addition, the Sawdust Art Festival founders established the festival as an art show for Laguna Beach artists only. Presentation Day is a time for all artists who have been exhibiting for less than 10 years to come and present their work to the Board of Directors for approval and provide proof of their Laguna Beach residency.

In addition to our 24 new artists vying for a place in the Sawdust Art Festival, we had 66 other artists who came through to present their work. Now that their work has been approved for sale by the board, we will move on to Lottery Day, the day that decides the order of booth selection for the 49th annual Sawdust Art Festival. Stay tuned for more news of upcoming events and to learn more about the road to the Sawdust Art Festival.