Posted on June 6, 2008 by Sawdust Art Festival

June 6, 2008


This year the Sawdust Art Festival makes a conscious decision to Improve the environment by attaining a sustainability mindset.

Laguna Beach, CA – “Going Green” may be the latest art at the Sawdust Art Festival’s 2008 Summer Show June 27 through August 31. More specifically, the art of living with our planet’s natural energies and resources will be emphasized in the operational details of the annual festival. “We’re systematically reviewing every aspect of the show to create a long-term plan that will enable the Sawdust Art Festival to continually evolve to greater levels of environmental responsibility,” stated Sawdust Board President, Mike Kelly.

With the assistance of Chris Prelitz, a Sustainability Consultant from Laguna Beach, different approaches to the use of electricity will be the top priority for the
Sawdust’s “Going Green” plan. As it relates to the Sawdust Art Festival, how electricity is used will make a big difference. Most of the Festival’s lighting is outdated and incandescent or quartz, which generates a considerable amount of heat. By changing to fluorescent or LED lighting, only a third of the electricity will be used which results in less heat
being created. Even the twinkle lights that illuminate and decorate the grounds in the evening will be changed to LED lighting, and will use less than a tenth of the usual energy
and last ten times as long. “We also need to encourage everyone to be mindful of turning lights off and putting lights on a timer in their booths and using only natural sunlight during the day,” Prelitz added.

The Sawdust Art Festival has been proactive in recycling over the years, but Prelitz will be offering suggestions on higher reuse of booth building materials. The Festival plans to collaborate with Habitat for Humanity to donate wood and dry wall materials to charities supported by the organization. Another way for artists to divert trash from the waste stream is to consider using recycled items in their artwork. “There is a whole new green market opening up out there. Recycling tires, seat belts, license plates and other items is becoming popular to make purses and other crafts and art. Craftspeople might want to think about expanding their line to do something like that,” Prelitz added. The 42nd Annual Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach will include traditional activities amidst the more environmentally conscious atmosphere. More than 200 Laguna Beach artists will exhibit their vast talents in a mix of original fine art and craft including ceramics, jewelry, painting, textile art, wood and metal sculpture, photography, hand blown and fused glass and several other unique

Art classes for children and adults, artists demonstrations, live entertainment, complimentary art tours and more are offered daily at the Sawdust Art Festival. And, a variety of food and beverage is available in our outdoor cafés.

Adult admission $7; Seniors $6 age 65 and up $6; Children $3 age 6-12 years and free for children under five years of age. Summer Season Pass is $20 and an Annual Pass is $25 (unlimited Summer and Winter admission). For more information call 949-494-3030 or visit The Sawdust Art Festival is located at 935 Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach with free city trolleys are available from the Act V lot on Laguna Canyon Road and other offsite parking lots.

The Sawdust Art Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the pubic and promoting the art created in Laguna Beach.
The Sawdust Art Festival thanks our 2008 sponsors Czechvar, Kendall-Jackson
and our Official 2008 Media Sponsor, The Los Angeles Times.